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Our Company Was Established Since 2002, Is Engaged In The Freight Forwarding. Trucking Services Especially In Box (Box Truck). At First We Became Partners Of The Company's Supermarket (GIANT, Carrefour, Mayora, Etc.) That Serve The Delivery Of Goods From Warehouse To Outlets-Outlet (Shop) Our Company Continues To Grow, And Currently Serves The Shipping Out Of The City, And Several New Corporate Partners. We Currently Have A Fleet Of Some 12 Truck Box From Our Partners. We Serve: Del..
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Company Name Pt. Mtrans Trucking
Company Details
Mobile: (+62) 81282441551
(+62) 2184902116

Address : Jl Pasar Kecapi No16 01/01 Jatiwarna, Pondok Gede Jakarta Timur
Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 2184902116
(+62) 81282441551

Fax :
Year Of Establishment 2014
We Sell Forweding,Kontrak Truk Untuk Logistik
About Our company was established since 2002, is engaged in the freight forwarding.

Trucking services especially in Box (Box Truck). At first we became partners of the company's Supermarket (GIANT, Carrefour, Mayora, etc.) that serve the delivery of goods from warehouse to outlets-outlet (Shop)

Our company continues to grow, and currently serves the shipping out of the city, and several new corporate partners.

We currently have a fleet of some 12 Truck Box from our partners.

We Serve:
Delivery of Goods Company (Company Delivery)
transporting groceries
Packet inter-provincial
Moving house
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